The Funny Current

is actually a current controlling heart rate.


We need to remember not to internalize failure. I’m going to make a Marvel reference… you have to be like Havoc (Cyclops’ brother), get blasted with critique and mess up, learn from it, don’t mess up again, and blast it out. You didn’t know how to get records faxed? Well now you’re the king/queen of requesting records. You forgot to ask about someone’s last menstrual period? Well now all your female patients aged 10-80 get asked. Not only do you say hi to your patients, you say good morning to everyone on your way to the patient’s room, and try to remember a few people’s names on the way. If need be, know ONE football player’s name and complain about how he could have made a better play. You’ll probably be right half the time.



Gosh, just have to keep this image in my head everytime I feel down and stupid because I didn’t think about the next step.


Wow, trainwreck presentation has taught me:

Never depend on anyone’s previous patient History. The risk of being irritating by asking the same questions again is greatly overshadowed by being wrong in front of the attending.

Sometimes I get the feeling that Education spending

Sometimes I get the feeling that  Education spending should be a higher priority than Health.

In one ear…

Damn…I feel like all the wisdom I’m accrued is just GONE.

Strange Days

Weirdest phrase I’ve had to say in spanish: please unhook your bra.