The Funny Current

is actually a current controlling heart rate.

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One of the most common topics heard in the hospital

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia… commentary later?


Duck, Dive, Dodge…

Always wear the mask with the visor.

I thought it was just a simple stitching of a cut…but I dodged some arterial spray to the face, but the guy behind me wasn’t wearing anything and had to move twice as quickly.

Intra Aortic Balloon Pump

Sometimes, myocardial oxygen demand is higher than supply, leading to ischemia and symptoms of chest pain. How to ameliorate this? Increase supply and decrease demand.

A one-liner in my Anesthesia textbook led me to searching for a video. I think this is succinct and explains the apparatus really well.

Sexist Scrubs

It’s ridiculously sexist that men’s pants have pockets and women’s pants don’t.

I can’t believe this also happens with medical scrubs.

What, women don’t need places to put gauze and scissors?

I hope you people don’t end up in an ER with a female doc wearing your ridiculously underequipped scrubs.

Let me also tell you that back pockets are close to useless. Depending on if you guessed your size-inflated number right, you’ll either be stuffing your hand deep into your sagging butt pocket or trying to wiggle out something that’s compressed to your behind.


We need to remember not to internalize failure. I’m going to make a Marvel reference… you have to be like Havoc (Cyclops’ brother), get blasted with critique and mess up, learn from it, don’t mess up again, and blast it out. You didn’t know how to get records faxed? Well now you’re the king/queen of requesting records. You forgot to ask about someone’s last menstrual period? Well now all your female patients aged 10-80 get asked. Not only do you say hi to your patients, you say good morning to everyone on your way to the patient’s room, and try to remember a few people’s names on the way. If need be, know ONE football player’s name and complain about how he could have made a better play. You’ll probably be right half the time.



Gosh, just have to keep this image in my head everytime I feel down and stupid because I didn’t think about the next step.

In and Out

Inpatient vs outpatient are totally different worlds. In layman’s terms, we’re talking about your go-to doctor vs the hospital.

Having urgent-care facilities and bloodwork done around the clock is really nice, but there’s always this crazy sense of urgency and the feeling you’re falling behind somewhere. We’ll see how the 2nd day goes, but on the first day of Family Medicine clinic, it’s so much more relaxed and friendly. Vaccinations are huge. It makes me regret never paying attention to what shots I was getting.


mind blown

Is it sad that as soon as my mom enters the house, all studying atmosphere is completely blown to bits, never to return until the next morning 4 AM when everyone is asleep. 

I think in the back of my head, this is why I couldn’t deal with staying at home for my clerkships because you can’t get angry at your mom for being mom. 

On a related note, it’s really disturbing (but touching) when a terminally-ill patient tells you that they’ll pray for you to complete medical school and residency. 

Cute moment of the day was a woman with C.Diff infection telling us that she’s actually quite vain and wears a wig at home. She would have brought it with her, but was too sick. Gosh. I should have asked what color the wig was. 

Wow, trainwreck presentation has taught me:

Never depend on anyone’s previous patient History. The risk of being irritating by asking the same questions again is greatly overshadowed by being wrong in front of the attending.

Things learned from yet another orientation

  • The major disadvantage to transferring in is that no one cares about you. They see you lost and blissfully assume ignorance.
  • It’s possible to be ready “too early”. I called months ahead to call in a site preference…and now I’m being told I never did it. It won’t make or break me, but it’s irritating as hell.

Sometimes I get the feeling that Education spending

Sometimes I get the feeling that  Education spending should be a higher priority than Health.