The Funny Current

is actually a current controlling heart rate.

Month: October, 2013

Intra Aortic Balloon Pump

Sometimes, myocardial oxygen demand is higher than supply, leading to ischemia and symptoms of chest pain. How to ameliorate this? Increase supply and decrease demand.

A one-liner in my Anesthesia textbook led me to searching for a video. I think this is succinct and explains the apparatus really well.


Sexist Scrubs

It’s ridiculously sexist that men’s pants have pockets and women’s pants don’t.

I can’t believe this also happens with medical scrubs.

What, women don’t need places to put gauze and scissors?

I hope you people don’t end up in an ER with a female doc wearing your ridiculously underequipped scrubs.

Let me also tell you that back pockets are close to useless. Depending on if you guessed your size-inflated number right, you’ll either be stuffing your hand deep into your sagging butt pocket or trying to wiggle out something that’s compressed to your behind.