by chelseajin

3rd year is all about figuring out what field you want to devote your life to. And as an inexperienced student, I find myself liking rotations where the preceptors are sharp and good-teachers. So I’m getting a really mixed experience right now, which is unfortunate, since I had Family Medicine on my radar, and as the rotation draws to a close, I find myself…shifting away from it.

Time is definitely a big problem. The schedule can be messed up for any number of reasons, ranging from patients being late, doctors being slow examiners, or being bogged down by having to confirm labs or radiology reports. The end result is that you get frustrated and are constantly watching the clock or bemoaning your extra hours. Logically, the only thing you really want to do after that is just get done and leave. But if you think about it retrospectively, you’d feel awful because you’re valuing your personal time over other people’s health.

So purely from a student POV, I had better structure in Internal Medicine (where you’d expect to be busier), because I actually got out of the hospital when I was supposed to. Here, it’s varies between 5-7PM. This pattern for however long I’m going to live doesn’t really appeal to me.