Babies and Nerves

by chelseajin

Babies are just 4 limbs of perplexity. It makes me wonder about this “hard-coded” maternal instinct in women. I’m starting to think it doesn’t exist in my head because I see little children and I think:  What do I do with this thing? Why is it gurgling and making it difficult for me to hold them?!

I don’t think they’re particularly cute and I’m really more concerned with what’s wrong with them. Is this just another manifestation of my dislike for small-talk? “Hey, let’s fast-forward over darn this baby is so cute, and you just tell me if she’s been pooping, playing, and speaking?”

Babies cries are also just inherently so ….piercing. They’re almost the purest definition of noise. It’s sound propelled by all the oxygen they can spare. The only break you get is when they realize they’re not breathing. It’s impossible to ignore, which makes me realize that postpartum depression and neglect is that much more horrible. Nature, you are a fiend. Clever, but a fiend.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that neural development really does take a long time. There was a 6 year old running all over the exam room, but they were wobbling. I did a double take because I thought maybe there was some other pathology going on. But no, just a long time for everything to myelinate and get into working order. It makes me hate demyelinating disease and muscular dystrophies more. They’re literally just stripping your nerves and muscles, taking away years of critical development and training.