Orientation Day and Cactus!

by chelseajin

Transfer students got their own orientation day. Mostly run-of-the-mill stuff with how to study and what to expect in the coming year. But I think we all know no matter how much we prepare, we’ll still be surprised.

What everyone was really looking forward to was the phlebotomy training session. I ended up being paired with an MD/PhD student who claimed to be the only person in the room who had experience drawing blood before. Maybe he was talking about rats or something because he did a good job mangling both my arms.

Lesson learned: don’t try to go 90 degrees with a needle IN someone’s arm. It hurts a lot.

I wish the picture was more gruesome to make my point, but I couldn’t really use it without significant discomfort for a few days.

I wasn’t too bad, but I have to get the hang of what a vein feels like. I also have to stop pressing the safety on the butterfly needle before I use it–it makes the needle shoot inwards and garbage.

But best part of the week?

Kate mailed me a piece of the agave plant I dragged over one early morning!! This sucker is sharp. I stuck myself quite a few times while potting it. Hopefully it takes root and I can really have a piece of the desert with me.