by chelseajin

I read somewhere a long time ago that (oh look, I found the link: NYT ) that the first-born child will have a higher IQ than the siblings, and if the first-born died, then the next one in line would reach that IQ or have an increase in IQ. The theory being that with the cover of the first child doing all the trail-blazing, the younger ones didn’t have to work/think as hard.

In my experience so far, that seems to make sense. When you’re on your own, you have to suddenly pull all your resources together and do a lot more research. I feel like I got to do a lot more in Tucson just because I wasn’t under the protective wing of my family or under the stress of school. Almost paradoxical since I had practically no method of transportation. But I felt like I got more things achieved there in all arenas of learning, pleasure, and soul-searching. ( I get this crazy sense of gratification every time I get to show-off I know the new pap smear guidelines even though I wasn’t on the wards. Which is insanely dorky. )

Man, if I were with my family, I wouldn’t have taken a lot of the risks I did. But now that I’m back, it’s become a bit of the doldrums. I just want to get out in the wild again. The relative-wild, I’m still a city-girl at heart and can’t deal with mounds of caterpillars or mosquitoes.

I can’t believe I wanted to bike to the hospital one morning and accidentally went into the freeway. Or that I made a 4 day trip into the Grand Canyon on my own. My bike brakes also snapped off while in the middle of the road. Miscellaneous hiking. Walking for 90 minutes to get to a swimming pool.

There’s probably other things to add to the list that I can’t think of right now.

This phenomenon reminds me of when you go out to a party with your friends. The purpose was to meet new people, but you end up mingling with the people you already know. Familiarity has a big draw that can really cripple a person. I got to meet-up with some Tucson friends tonight and it was different because I think I made more conversation with new people than I usually do.

And I think I’ve been bitten by the biking bug. I want to ride around just a little bit, but I’m afraid if I get one, I’ll use it so little it won’t be worth the purchase. Dear Mayor, in your ridiculous extended term, I hope you are expanding bike lanes. And repaving roads. Especially in Brooklyn.