When Someone Else Dies…

by chelseajin

…all of a sudden you’re more worried about your own state of health. It’s kind of sad if you think about it. We only seem to be concerned about something when it threatens us, not if someone else is on the chopping block.

We all have that kneejerk reaction and it kind of reinforces for me that people are selfish beings.

We had a guy come in for no particular reason, which means they haven’t had a checkup in a long time and are worried they’re going to keel over all of a sudden. When I ask why he decided to get some things looked at now, he started rambling about how someone died. Betty automatically says, “Oh I’m so sorry,” but then it becomes clearer that he’s talking about Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela. So it’s pretty unrelated to everything. I think it was just a highly publicized death that got this guy thinking, “Man, I have this lump here and maybe it’s cancer, I should get it checked out”.

But humans are weird. We offered to give him a referral for an ultrasound because we needed some kind of imaging to get a better idea of what was there, and he gave us the runaround. Yes? No? He kept saying he wanted to know, but then said if it was something serious he would just let God take care of it. So, you don’t want this/can’t pay for this? We’ll see him again (hopefully), so we’ll talk again.