I wish I invented that

by chelseajin

I remember when ecigs were first coming out, I was really confused. What is this fake cigarette that lights up? Are you seriously telling me that smokers will get just as much excitement from sucking on a miniature plastic flashlight?

Turns out that nicotine is dispensed, so you’re getting as close to the real experience as possible. After all, what is a smoke without the nicotine?

A friend and I were discussing ecigs and we agreed that it would never take off. It would be relegated to the dark dingy realm of late night television shake-weights and bowflex. Little did we know that it had cornered a market. Many people I know now have at least one ecigarrette. and a la Thank You for Smoking’s moment when the doctor reluctantly tells the antihero that “smoking saved his life”, I ran into a woman who told me that these things also were her “antidrug”.

As we’re waiting for a room to open up, I strike up a conversation about her ecig, asking if she really does like it. She’s ecstatic, and begins to show me every fruit flavor of hookah she has in her purse. She says it’s not so much the smoke itself as it is the private time one gets when they can step out for a smoke. She goes on to rave about how it’s cheaper, cleaner, and relatively “healthier” without the secondhand smoke.

The idea seems strange because it still has the shape of a cigarette, but it’s no different from a nicotine patch which has been the status quo for smokers for many years. The other thing that bothers me is that it looks like a toy. So while it might help current smokers stop, it could also be hooking younger people on nicotine.