Paps and a Bony Head

by chelseajin

It must have been International Pap Smear Day today because I’ve never seen so many women who wanted to get it done at the same time.

It’s really throwing people off that the guidelines regarding Paps changed. Now it’s not recommended to get one if you’re under 21. As long as they’re normal, you only need to get screened every 3 years if you’re between the ages of 21 to 65. I think we still did them all despite people saying they had recent paps done. A big issue for the mobile is that a lot of people get their medical care in Mexico and for one reason or another, never get a copy of lab results. The fact that it’s in another country just makes it harder to get a fax. It reminds me that I need to keep hard copies of everything–I hardly know my own vaccinations.

The highlight of the day was speaking to a woman who said she had a bump on her head for the last 8 years. She said it didn’t hurt or itch, but it was noticeable and unsightly. It was a very hard mass, I would almost say it was solid but I didn’t have any imaging to confirm. The only relevant item in her past medical history I could find out was previous abuse by her husband, but the timeline doesn’t work out. Another doctor had told her it was just bone but didn’t give much information. This is getting me really curious. Is it a fracture that healed outwards? I can’t think of any condition that would make bone grow out that much. Any kind of cancer wouldn’t look like that and we’d also need an X-ray.

I hope I get to look at it when/if she gets it done.