Sunday Zigzag to Flagstaff

by chelseajin

I think my trip so far goes really well with Hotel California by the Eagles and assorted Ke$ha songs.

I told Betty that Williams was a “freaky little town” as I was leaving this morning. Its tourist hook is that it’s the last town on Route 66 that was bypassed by I-40. I feel for the place– business must have almost died when that happened.

Went back to the Grand Canyon for a quick hike, which transformed into a long one since I went back to look for a crampon I lost…but someone else picked it up. It made me really sad.

Rushed over to the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument and I managed to get around the Lava Flow trail before it got dark.

In a slightly questionable motel now and need to sleep instead of write. Goodnight.

Getting to the grand canyon from Williams.

Got caught in Williams trying to steal some mules

That’s wall of old lava/soot on rocks/torn up land in front of the mountains.