342 Miles Later….

by chelseajin

I’m so thankful that my dad got me an iPhone with impeccable GPS.

I’m also thankful that he managed to give me a few driving lessons that in the long run were a lot more useful than the ones I got in driving school.

I understand why people get obsessed with radio shows. I listened to 6 hours of some crazy weird radio programs.

Why do cars have MPH going past 100?! Where can I do that without being afraid I’ll run into highway patrol??

I brought lotion because my hands were cracking from the cold– but I don’t remember where my gloves are.

Why do hikers say hi to everyone they see on the way? I find it very very weird.

I wanted to take a relaxing bath tonight…but I wanted to get up at dawn tomorrow.

The Grand Canyon in the winter is ridiculous. There is snow and ice packed on the trails. And it’s 300x easier to go back up instead of down. It’s actually the exact opposite of the summer. I wanted spikes for my shoes, but I already spent an exorbitant amount of money on my phone mount (the best $40 I’ve ever spent).

Shot everything in RAW, so it’ll take forever to process the pics, but I’ll put them up slowly.

South Rim, along the Bright Angel trail