The Funny Current

is actually a current controlling heart rate.

Month: February, 2013

I wish I invented that

I remember when ecigs were first coming out, I was really confused. What is this fake cigarette that lights up? Are you seriously telling me that smokers will get just as much excitement from sucking on a miniature plastic flashlight?

Turns out that nicotine is dispensed, so you’re getting as close to the real experience as possible. After all, what is a smoke without the nicotine?

A friend and I were discussing ecigs and we agreed that it would never take off. It would be relegated to the dark dingy realm of late night television shake-weights and bowflex. Little did we know that it had cornered a market. Many people I know now have at least one ecigarrette. and a la Thank You for Smoking’s moment when the doctor reluctantly tells the antihero that “smoking saved his life”, I ran into a woman who told me that these things also were her “antidrug”.

As we’re waiting for a room to open up, I strike up a conversation about her ecig, asking if she really does like it. She’s ecstatic, and begins to show me every fruit flavor of hookah she has in her purse. She says it’s not so much the smoke itself as it is the private time one gets when they can step out for a smoke. She goes on to rave about how it’s cheaper, cleaner, and relatively “healthier” without the secondhand smoke.

The idea seems strange because it still has the shape of a cigarette, but it’s no different from a nicotine patch which has been the status quo for smokers for many years. The other thing that bothers me is that it looks like a toy. So while it might help current smokers stop, it could also be hooking younger people on nicotine.



At one time, everything reminded me of a page in First Aid…

I’m at the ACE Conference just until tomorrow and the presenters have spoken (at a breakneck speed) about several studies. Regarding Zinc as a cold suppressant, they said that the evidence so far says it is effective at halting cold symptoms.


I chortled inside when I heard them say that you need to take zinc acetate, and it can’t have sugar or else it won’t work. Clearly,  zinc acetate is the Harry Potter version of Wolfsbane, also nasty-tasting and rendered useless by sugar.


Update on a patient

“Yeah, We’re not letting her have her teeth anymore”

Hospital quotes are great out of context.


Strange Days

Weirdest phrase I’ve had to say in spanish: please unhook your bra.

Paps and a Bony Head

It must have been International Pap Smear Day today because I’ve never seen so many women who wanted to get it done at the same time.

It’s really throwing people off that the guidelines regarding Paps changed. Now it’s not recommended to get one if you’re under 21. As long as they’re normal, you only need to get screened every 3 years if you’re between the ages of 21 to 65. I think we still did them all despite people saying they had recent paps done. A big issue for the mobile is that a lot of people get their medical care in Mexico and for one reason or another, never get a copy of lab results. The fact that it’s in another country just makes it harder to get a fax. It reminds me that I need to keep hard copies of everything–I hardly know my own vaccinations.

The highlight of the day was speaking to a woman who said she had a bump on her head for the last 8 years. She said it didn’t hurt or itch, but it was noticeable and unsightly. It was a very hard mass, I would almost say it was solid but I didn’t have any imaging to confirm. The only relevant item in her past medical history I could find out was previous abuse by her husband, but the timeline doesn’t work out. Another doctor had told her it was just bone but didn’t give much information. This is getting me really curious. Is it a fracture that healed outwards? I can’t think of any condition that would make bone grow out that much. Any kind of cancer wouldn’t look like that and we’d also need an X-ray.

I hope I get to look at it when/if she gets it done.

Rest question

Should exhausted health professionals come in to work? Or is getting rested for the next day supposed to be your top priority? Even if you do try to do that, I think getting whipped at one point is unavoidable.

Road from Hell

I enjoyed the scenic drive in Oak Creek Canyon for all of 10 minutes before people started driving right up against my bumper pressuring me to go faster. The way back was seriously the ride from hell because one of eager beaver who was trying to rush me/run me off the road.

Do I have time to take a relaxing bath tonight because I scrunched up all my traps and lats while driving defensively?


These people need to stop labeling paved roads as hiking trails. But the petrified wood was pretty cool to look at.


I need an ice scraper.
I did some if the sides with a plastic spoon covered with a napkin–unsuccessful.

Sunday Zigzag to Flagstaff

I think my trip so far goes really well with Hotel California by the Eagles and assorted Ke$ha songs.

I told Betty that Williams was a “freaky little town” as I was leaving this morning. Its tourist hook is that it’s the last town on Route 66 that was bypassed by I-40. I feel for the place– business must have almost died when that happened.

Went back to the Grand Canyon for a quick hike, which transformed into a long one since I went back to look for a crampon I lost…but someone else picked it up. It made me really sad.

Rushed over to the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument and I managed to get around the Lava Flow trail before it got dark.

In a slightly questionable motel now and need to sleep instead of write. Goodnight.

Getting to the grand canyon from Williams.

Got caught in Williams trying to steal some mules

That’s wall of old lava/soot on rocks/torn up land in front of the mountains.