Inspiration and That Asian Supermarket Smell

by chelseajin

Today, I called up a list of parents whose kids we had done the fluoride varnishings on. The grant for this says we need to follow-up with them to make sure they got a dental appointment afterwards. I feel like I understand The Office a little more.

Betty and I had some good talks. Everyone has their little quirks. She just gets so excited when she feels really strongly about something, then just talks your ear off. Not that I don’t enjoy listening to her, but thankfully I haven’t had to go to the bathroom in the middle of one of her rants. It’s actually really nice to know people who are genuinely passionate about what they do. Between medical students, it’s almost a badge of honor to complain about how much work you have yet to do and how hard everything is, and sometimes, it really gets me down when that’s the only kind of talk going on. Betty reminds me that I’m just depressing myself. Yes, there are realistic factors you have to consider in your life/career, but hell, if you want something, just run over everyone else to get it. No one’s going to do it for you.

Afterwards, I finally hit the bank. Once again, NYC, I miss your redundant Chase banks. Then, my battered pelvis got me to the local Asian supermarket where I got some shopping down. I started a diet (which created all sorts of other problems for me) and just haven’t been eating as much. I finally decided to go back and buy some stuff I liked to eat.

I splurged on Pocky (which I NEVER buy EVER), some other random cookie, ramen, and a coconut. I have to say, I felt pretty naughty. I even grabbed a shrimp taco on the way back home.

I have yet to encounter this smell in any other grocery, but all Asian ones have this really particular almost like bad produce and meat smell. I think it really reminds me of home because I caught myself just standing there breathing it in. Cranial Nerve 1, which are you so strange.

I always feel like I get special treatment here because the cashiers are super nice (unheard of!) and seem to think I’m Vietnamese.

Superbowl coming up. If I were with my old “League” buddies, I’m sure I’d go over to their place with some lasagna and chat up some football. Alas, we’re scattered all over the country now (mostly my fault). I just found out there’s a long weekend. This might mean biting the bullet and planning a trip.

Grand Canyon? Sonoma?