Flu Shots and Quakers

by chelseajin

I feel like an inoculating machine. I gave about 5 flu shots last week. Now I know to use a 21-23 g needle for these guys. I looked at my notes and realized about half of our Ob patients from our Wednesday group declined vaccines. I remember they said they were afraid it would make them more sick and a few said they never had the flu so they saw no reason to get scared about it. Flu’s been pretty bad this year and pregnant women and elderly are supposed to be the first to get the shot– oh well. This is a good indicator that more education might be needed.

It’s strange. I’ve heard a lot about the history of the Mobile Health Clinic, but I think a lot of the services have faded away. There used to be workshops for the pregnant women to attend, talk to each other, and learn various techniques or how pregnancy works. I don’t see any of that now. The only formal education is just what we tell them during a check-up, but that really depends on how much time we have that day.


I went to a Quaker wedding over the weekend. That was pretty…interesting. Church services are held in silence and people “clap” but shaking their hands like jazz hands. I felt like I was doing it wrong, like I should be thinking of something instead of, “wow, it’s really hard not to make any noise”. The directions on the program said that when we felt ready we could rise and say something meaningful for the couple. We even had a man with a banjo at the end singing a little ditty that was pretty catchy. The weirdest part was that the church was literally across the block from my house here. How did I not notice it before??