The Funny Current

is actually a current controlling heart rate.

Month: December, 2012


Tucson has a neighborhood in which residents are required to decorate their houses with Christmas lights.

I thought the “Spirits of Christmas” was the most creative. They had Santa as a bartender and the Grinch at the counter. Although I think I’m most impressed that one house put out a huge flatscreen tv to show A Christmas Story to everyone passing by.

In a place where the constantly sunny weather makes it hard for you to appreciate an approaching winter and holiday season, Winterhaven was a real treat.


Looking for a Computer MD

My computer has been struck down by either a virus or one too many drops on its head. I’m on a work computer which I can access intermittently. Hopefully I can get it looked at this weekend. Until then, it’s all writing on paper and good old fashioned books in print. I guess I won’t be finished Atlas Shrugged anytime soon. DragonLance on the landlord’s bookcase, I’m looking at you!