by chelseajin

This woman is one of the saddest people I’ve seen. She’s pretty young and had suffered some sort of seizure or was experiencing neuroleptic malignant syndrome due to a change in the dosage of her anti-psychotic drug fluphenzine.

Another doctor commented on how she had a good Doll’s Eye sign, which in context is a great thing. It means that her brainstem is intact. As you turn her head away from you, her eyes go in the opposite direction.

One interesting learning point is that prolactin levels are high in the first 10-20 minutes post seizure. It would be abnormal to find it spiking otherwise since it’s a hormone that helps milk production.

One of my worst nightmares to be in this kind of condition, where your body is in terrible shape and you can’t control it but your mind is working. The only saving grace is that she probably isn’t aware of what’s going on around her (she slept in the middle of a lumbar puncture). The doctors tried to get some kind of reaction from her as they came in and left, calling her name and rubbing her shoulder, but nothing happened. She just lay there with her head leaning in the left, staring out and trembling slightly.