A Surefire Way to Shorten Your Day

by chelseajin

In my defense, the kid was obviously one of those overly-jittery ones. He also ended up throwing (literally) a temper tantrum when we had to leave because we had to take back a prop from him.

So… when I put the fluoride on his teeth, I missed and swabbed his gums real good. He started screaming and all my hard work cooing and making the audience of preschoolers feel at-ease with the dreaded “dentist” went down the drain. It’s a shame that the episode scared off 5 kids since Tim did a pretty theatrical scream, just sitting there calmly and going “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” And with some coaxing I actually finished up with him.

But the damage was done, and we had a few run away.

I’ve found almost nothing regarding this burning or tingling sensation a few of the kids tell me about. It makes me wonder if it’s really as bad as they say it is. I have noticed though, it happens when I paint their gums by accident instead of their teeth. I blame their cute little jaws.

Sigh, I pity anyone who pursues the dentistry field because their name will forever be intertwined with inexplicable horror.