Exhaustion in Medical School and Beyond

by chelseajin

There are a lot of relationship-jokes when it comes to medical students. They usually run along, “You’re never as important as the next exam”. It’s funny because it’s true. Education can be grueling, especially for premedical students who need the perfect or near perfect GPA to even be considered for medical school. After classes and studying, there’s sometimes just no time or energy to spend with a significant other. I thought it would get better as you went further along, but residents work 6-7 days a week with hours like 6 AM to 6 PM. With electronic medical records, I think it’s also possible to end up bringing some paperwork home if you can’t get it done in the hospital. It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t a particularly busy day, just having to be at attention all day and really using your brain makes you tired. I got back from just shadowing and I spent the last drop of energy keeping my eyes open on the bus because I had never taken the route before. Coming home, I had a nice cup of black Starbucks coffee then went to sleep, then got up a little later to do some work.

Where does this leave a partner (if you have one)?

Almost all the residents I’ve seen are already married, so they must have figured something out. But I wouldn’t be able to sustain being cheery and accommodating or wanting to go out and do something almost everyday. Is it a contradiction to say, “I love you but this is more important. I can’t do this right now?” Is it too little quality time spent together if you only spend maybe 1-2 days dedicated to that other person alone?

Oh Fox News:

How to Date a Med Student