Danes and Midwives

by chelseajin

Kristen and I had dinner together a few weeks ago and she was talking about a documentary she was watching. It was about how the US has a high rate (for a developed country) for infant mortality and for C-sections. I find it strange that we have trouble with newborns, but not that there are a lot of C-sections. Kristen thought it was completely foreign since in Denmark, you always have a midwife and 50% or more women in the country opt to have a homebirth.

I’m shocked. Unless you’re in a very rural area, I don’t think midwives are generally “trusted” personnel, and I’m pretty sure insurance wouldn’t cover that cost.

Kaiser Family Foundation says there 161 midwives per 10,000 in Denmark while in the US there are 98 per 10,000.

This topic to be visited again when I get some reading done.



Kaiser Family Foundation