Dias de los Muertos

by chelseajin

Reviewing over 400 photos is no small task. I deleted about 100 right off the bat because I didn’t have a speedlight and was using my puny flash in the dark. I have to admit that you just get tired trying to edit photos, correcting for a lot of light imbalances, so the quality tapers off at certain batches where I just got fed up. There are a few that would really benefit from a little bit of focal blurring so hopefully I’ll get back to those. In the meantime, enjoy this cornucopia of photos.

As always, click on a photo and you’ll get a slideshow to sift through.

I love getting media passes.

The Day of the Dead seems to be a time where you remember your loved ones and “sacrifice” your bad habits and hangups. The parade tries to do this by allowing anyone to walk and also asking you to write down these things then toss them into the hexagonal “urn” to burn at the end of the procession. It’s so different from the other parades I’ve seen in that it truly isn’t commercial. I almost felt out of place since I wasn’t really there to commemorate someone, and it seemed a very personal journey for most of the people there. Not only do they honor people, but there was a whole section for loved pets.