Doolen High Health Fair

by chelseajin

We got invited to a health fair organized by a previous volunteer. We didn’t have many patients, but I thought it was phenomenal that they had managed to get a school to agree to using the building and have so many participants.

Bets thought I knew how to give shots and was just waiting around me to do something, and finally she caught on to why I kept asking her so many questions. Things schools might want to add to their end of 2nd year curriculum, basic clinical skills.

It wasn’t difficult at all, although the real art seems to be in the technique. What’s the best way to minimize pain and anxiety? Most of the work in delivery is already done with the prefilled syringes.

I remember my pediatrician made things seem painless, the only thing I can recall is he pinched my arm really hard and that’s probably what distracted me from the sting of the actual shot.