Growing Organs

by chelseajin

Science fiction coming true:

“Two and a half years ago doctors in Iceland, where Mr. Beyene was studying to be an engineer, discovered a golf-ball-size tumor growing into his windpipe. Despite surgery and radiation, it kept growing. In the spring of 2011, when Mr. Beyene came to Sweden to see another doctor, he was practically out of options. “I was almost dead,” he said. “There was suffering. A lot of suffering.”

But the doctor, Paolo Macchiarini, at the Karolinska Institute here, had a radical idea. He wanted to make Mr. Beyene a new windpipe, out of plastic and his own cells.”

-Henry Fountain from The New York Times

Full article here

What a Brave New World, it certainly opens the doors to a whole slew of ethics questions. That’s all for now, I’m exhausted and have spent the better part of the day sleeping with no improvement in fatigue. This doesn’t bode well for the health fair tomorrow.