Mancala Redux

by chelseajin

I got up early this morning to go to the supermarket so that I could do something this afternoon. Turns out I went in the completely opposite direction so I spent twice as long as I should have getting there and my hands were freeze-chapped because it’s freakishly cold in the mornings.

A long time ago when I was in elementary, my favorite game was Mancala. You use a wooden board with pockets carved out and drop glass beads as you move around the board. The board was much longer than my bag so I shoved in as much as I could and started walking to school. Along the way, I notice my mom’s not with me anymore. She’s like 30 feet behind of me, holding up the board which fell out and I never noticed. This story has been something my mom brings up every time I do something idiotic.

I basically had the same episode today. I had groceries piling out of my bookbag, I even had a bag of spinach strapped to the outside. So there were mushrooms and eggs at the very top with the zipper closed around them. People on the road must have been laughing their butts off as they saw me huffing on the bike lane with mushrooms and eggs flying out. My bag was half open by the time I noticed.


Luckily, things fell out mostly towards the end, so I salvaged the broken eggs for breakfast. My pride? Another thing entirely.