Quisiera Tratar las Agujas?

by chelseajin

Susan is a quirky lady. About 5 foot 2, she has close cropped greying hair and sported a robin’s egg blue medical coat. She had a warm and friendly demeanor, putting the patients at ease and inviting them to tell her all their problems, starting with their chief complaints and moving onto the daily stresses of life.

Aside from the usual nurse’s equipment, she also carried with her a box of needles and a sharps container. At the end of each visit, she offered “agujas” or “needles”, meaning acupuncture to each patient. People are rather perplexed, and I think she relishes the opportunity to give a great demonstration, smiling as she sticks herself with a needle right on the top of her head.

“Want to try?” she asks, and people mostly respond with a variant of why not.

One man with high blood pressure sat with a delighted grin and a needle poking out from his head. Manipulation of that point was supposed to help bring his blood pressure down.

“I don’t feel anything,” he said to us in Spanish.

The day continued with Susan offering to walk a mother and daughter through relaxation and breathing techniques. It’s common knowledge that stress affects you physically, but most people are fixated on only one aspect of the relationship, that stress makes you sick. This is a two-way street and we should really be advocating that de-stressing yourself can lead to better health.