Salsa at El Parador

by chelseajin

After going to the Bridging the Gap conference, I was invited to a night of salsa at El Parador. We were supposed to have some students from a university in Hermosillo join in, but they couldn’t make it due to car trouble.

The students are so gracious here, and it wasn’t a problem for Huong to pick me up (although she did get lost on the way) to bring us both there. The bouncer looked at my ID and said he was from Jackson Heights, small world.

It was a dark, sweaty, noisy space inside. There were a bunch of men leaning on pillars surrounding the small tiled dance area, sipping drinks and hunting for a dance partner. There seems to be some kind of silent code where you can just look at someone and you know they want to dance with you. A girl at our table was picked up pretty quickly, and she had some serious moves.

Turns out she frequents the place, and got a friend of hers to teach our group of women the basic dance step. My high school gym choices have helped me in life– thank you Folk/Square/Ballroom. Eventually, I even got to dance with this maniac on the floor. He was great, but I was spun around so much I walked away dizzy.

A great end to the day.