Growing up Layin’ Brick

by chelseajin

I was speaking to the Promotora at the clinic today, and she was asking me all kinds of questions about New York. The people here are really fascinated by it. When they ask me to tell them things, it’s almost like a kid wanting to know more about Santa Claus. It’s just inconceivable that 1-2 hours commute a day is acceptable and even expected in the city, that you can have every convenience within a 5 block radius, that there are people lined up at the bus stops, even the very fact that subways exist!

But the incredulity and awe goes both ways. She then told me her children all know how to mix and pour cement, lay brick, lasso horses and ride them. I guess it’s normal out here for you to know some construction and riding. She went on to describe all the animals she used to have on her property, which ranged from cows to peacocks. I really didn’t think people other than serious farmers took care of so many animals.

Well whaddya know, you learn something new everyday.