Rotator Cuff Tear and Carpal Tunnel

by chelseajin

Today’s site was Littletown. Unfortunately, there’s not much traffic here, but hopefully it picks up when the mobile clinic is back on its feet.

We saw a woman today whose chief complaint was worsening shoulder pain and numbness in the two center fingers. My first thought was a rotator cuff tear, and we had her move her arm around to check her motor skills. She had a full range of motion but was experiencing pain. She said that she had fallen several months ago, and we thought that was the injury that was causing pain. It was interesting to see P, our nurse, consider other options. She actually looked for Tinel’s sign, and elicited a huge response. Basically, she tapped the underside of the woman’s wrist and it caused pain. This is pretty indicative of carpal tunnel syndrome, and it turns out the patient was a typist. So the tingling in the fingers was probably due to entrapment of the median nerve.

I’ve tried the test on myself, and it’s never worked, I guess my CTS is not so bad.