The Funny Current

is actually a current controlling heart rate.

Month: April, 2012

Digoxin toxicity

Officially the worst attempt at van gogh styling…but now I’ll remember, digoxin toxicity causes
Blurry yellow vision.



Ridiculously Simple…

I don’t think this will ever happen just because who am I out of millions of people? But I’d be really sad if one day, the Ridiculously Simple series ended up taking my study pics without telling me. Because these are pretty damn original, I’ve got doodles of this junk everywhere. The ones I put up are just crappier iPhone drawings that are easier to email.

Vinca Alkaloids

Vin Diesel (Vinblastine, Vinca Alkaloid) tears through microtubules and nerves, causing peripheral neuropathy.

Natural Killer T-Cells

Here’s a douchebag cop from the NK Force, about to shoot you full of perforins and granzymes because you’re not a MHC-I card-carrying member of a club…or because you’re a dirty virus-infected slumdog that’s also not welcome in this club.