You Can’t Drink Your Fruit, So Stop Trying

by chelseajin

America No Longer Drowning Its Sorrows in Soda

An unlikely source of news, but I’m glad. I think it’s obvious that soda and juice are calorie bombs. You’re drinking 20+ grams of sugar PLUS whatever you’re having as a meal. Imagine drinking 2 cokes every day for a week:

20 x 2 x 7 = 280 grams

If you’ve ever used a digital scale before, a gram is a monstrous amount to weigh. 280 is practically unfathomable. I’m thinking of when I had to make some buffer, in the hundreds we used a plastic boat/cup to hold the salt, and it was a heaping mountain that needed to be put into the beaker with a funnel.

Juice is an unlikely culprit. Not that juice is bad for you, but think of it think way, if you have a tall glass of orange juice everyday, it’s almost like drinking coke just on the level of sugar it gives you (not going into biochemistry, that is another day). Also think of it like this, people try to equate juice to serving of fruit. That’s a gross misconception. What is the fruit going through to become a processed liquid? Where’s all that extra mass going? We often forget that in making juice, you lose all the fiber and matrix that is holding the sugar in the fruit. Sure, they took 6 apples to make your apple juice for you–but think, they took SIX APPLES to make your juice for you, you’re basically eating 6 apple equivalents of sugar, and losing all the beneficial fiber and substance that helps you keep full (find me one person full for 1 hour on juice alone).
Another point is that kids are always sucking on juiceboxes. It may be unlikely they gain weight, but the doctors I worked with at Ryan Center at Chelsea-Clinton said they saw so many young children with cavities from the juice they were drinking. I would compare it to a television, good in small doses.

So V8 is wrong, you can’t drink your fruit. Stop trying to be complicated and just eat some grapes instead of grape juice.